Spring connection

The latest push-in and spring-cage types of connection technologies can be freely adoped for a wide range of applications.

◆ The body is made of high-grade insulating material PA66.
◆ Product with superior corrosion resistance and anti-seismic / anti-loose design is easy to install and disassemble from the rail.

進聯 軌道式接線端子-彈片型
進聯 插拔式連接軌道端子
Push‐in connection terminal blocks
No tools are needed to connect wires, easy and time saving Colored button for wire ejection to secure safe wiring and save operating time
進聯 回拉式彈簧接線軌道端子
Spring connection with tension clamp terminal blocks
進聯 回拉式彈簧面板接線端子
Feature of spring-cage kippon connect terminal blocks